Thursday, February 10, 2011

2-10-11 MTT: Okie Oil Man rumor


1. On MTT, Okie just said that his intel he received last night said that the government is done. We are just waiting for Shababi to RV
2. He can't go into anymore detail
3. He said it was to have happened between 4-6am this morning
4. The situation causing the delay has been rectified
5. Waiting for Shabibi

Here is his subsequent posting:
[OKIE_OIL_MAN] everyone be settled in your mind--everything that transpired yesterday that kept the r'v from happening has been solved--relax a couple of days--i am positive and sure (i have never said that before) it is done--period--this time is not another delay--that i am sure-period …we are on track sit still for a few days it is happening, only yesterday was the complete and entire gov't formed...there are reasons it didnt happen yesterday...cant disclose...sit back and wait a couple days... it is real and is going to happen 3:01 PM [OKIE_OIL_MAN] keep the faith--it will be justified shortly--gone for


  1. Ive read these words before. I hope your right this time.............

  2. witch dinar dealer do you work for and what's your cut!!!! I need a sit job down like you have

  3. Enough is enough with these BS intel rumors..NUFF said!!

  4. I just watched and read up on a big post , they were saying that the Dinar dealers pay people to spread rumors so they can sell more and more dinar, DD website you cant even get on because all he does is sell stuff on his site,and post things for companys, and he makes aton of money ALI, its the weekend lets get them to buy more dinar, is this dinar we hold really going to be worth anything, not sure anymore, please tell me that im wrong,

  5. Here is a thought for those of us who have been on this ride for a long time; I had to ask myself why did I invest in Dinar's in the first place? Hope of something better in life? Retirement? A chance to create jobs to help the economy and others? Fear of losing out on something that comes along once in a life time? Greed? Why did I pull the trigger and invest? I know my answer. I think it important everyone that invested know their true motivations. I personally will stay positive on this dinar. I will refuse to knock those who say that they have "intel" and are willing to share it with the rest of us. Yes there is A LOT of things being said that we all wish would happen as advertised. Yes I'M sure there is a lot of hot air out there pumped out by folks who feel the need to jack up the hopes of investors just to see us crapped out the next day. Shame on them. I have to look at the "RUMORS" as entertainment only until this investment does in fact R.V. It is a heck of a lot better that any soap opera, Jerry Springer, or Judge Joe Brown. If you can't enjoy the ride, get off of the roller coaster. I promise you this much-when the R.V. does go into effect we can all laugh and tell stories all the way to the bank!!!!! Keep a good attitude and we will see who was the real deal on having "sources on the inside", or who the's really were.