Friday, February 4, 2011

2-4-11 Okie Oil Man rumor


1. Mission accomplished
2. Nothing left to be done
3. Just wait for the RV
4. Information is direct from Iraqi Parliament


  1. thats a pretty bold statement... Proof?

  2. maybe one day he will be right

  3. Wow, really Okie? I mean....REALLY? I'm so excited as your intel is ALWAYS SPOT ON dude. SPOT ON! Is there anybody that actually takes you seriously anymore? That's it. I have now decided to become an IQD guru. I shall call myself....The IQD Guru. Good name. Alright. I need creds. Oh, wait. No I don't. This is the internet and there are many idiots out there that are plenty willing to worship me if I tell them something they want to hear. the world ready for "IQD Guru's" juicy intel? Oh, it's HOT. It's HOT and LIVE. It's SOLID. It's SOLID GOLD. Ok my fellow Dinar fans, here it goes; This intel comes from the HIGHEST sources. The HIGHEST of HIGH sources. It's HOT, LIVE, SOLID, ETC, ETC, ETC....This is Intel is directly from GOD.

    Egypt's current political unrest is directly tied to the IQD revalue as the IQD revalue actually happened 2 + weeks ago. Everybody in the Middle East was invited to the cash in party except for Egypt. And they're pissed. Iraq didn't want Egypt to cash in until us piss poor American's did (I will give you OUR cash in date in a minute. Oh, it's HOT, It's HOT and LIVE, etc, etc, etc) because they like Egyptians about as much as they like Americans. So...what is any red blooded IQD holding Egyptian to do when he finds out his Middle Eastern neighbors all cashed out first? Riot in the streets. So.....seeing as how the RV actually happened 2 and 1/2 weeks ago, when are we to see it on the FOREX? Oh, it's already on the back screens. You didn't know? And it's 9.36 bank, 10.86 CBI. Tha's right folks. You heard it from The IQD Guru first. 9.36 bank, 10.86 CBI. You might ask yourself how Iraq might possibly support a rate so high. The answer is quite simple.....who cares? It's what all you weak minded Dinar worshiping Idiots want to hear, isn't it? OH, cash in on Monday.

    So, you heard it here first peeps. IQD Guru has given you the REAL dirt that even Okie couldn't bring. To summarize....

    RV done 2 1/2 weeks ago
    Rate is 9.36 bank, 10.86 CBI
    Cash in Monday
    Egyptians pissed because they missed the cash in party.

    IQD Guru, signing off...

  4. Just like the Aesop fable about the boy that cried wolf. Okie will be right someday but after claiming the RV is going to happen 50+ times ALREADY people just laugh at him at this point in time. When it really happens and he proclaims it... no one will listen.

  5. Okie, I wouldn't say this, but my Dinar Buddy sitting next to me says "you are a village idiot that just causes a lot of frustration."

  6. hahaha....
    Yeah buddy...IDQ Guru...funny stuff!!

    OKIE (oil man) DOKIE.....this dude must work for Dinar or something.

    TO OKIE and the like....Nobody is buying it anymore buddy. Who are your LAME SOURCES that are NEVER right? Why don't you put your name on something...ANYTHING or tell us who these "HIGH" sources are.... Becuse your prolly a ugly middle age "chick" sitting on a couch eatting pizza...or getting a check for pumping Dinar hype to suckers to boost sales.

    I think this will happen when It friggen happens...legit news sources name names and use facts...there are Millions of people that own Dinar...I think if this happends we will all know about it just fine from REAL news sources...because several Millions americans will be Millionares at the same would that NOT be huge news all over the world?

    get lost all you Dinar pumpers and Hypers....put you NAME on what you post and Maybe say something that actually comes true for once...list your sources and quite yankin people chains!

  7. By far the best summary of OKIE! IQD Guru is F'N Funny!

  8. okie_oil_man rumors are getting old! you have a bad sources telling you that the

  9. I think you guys are just a bunch of haters. Okie is a solid guy!!! Just wait you'll be sorry when we all cash in Monday....or was that today.... no wait last Wed...shoot wait no I meant 2 weeks from last Wed.........oh never mind I guess you haters were right after

  10. *HOT* Michael Jackson cashed out earlier this week in Alberta Canada. *LIVE*

    -Johnny Dinar

  11. Okie finally gave up his source. Turns out it was Elvis...Who knew. I thought Elvis was dead turn out he's a Dinar guru living in the middle east:)

  12. All the haters need to chill out. Like one big zombie stampede.

    Please read and follow Okie's 3rd point:

    3.) Just wait for the RV.......

    all the bashing will not get us any closer.

  13. James,

    I just want to clarify that I'm not being a hater. Believe me, I would love for Okie's "Intel" to be true. But it HAS to be obvious to EVERYONE that the dude is full of hot air. I am soley making light of the current situation and Okie's HOT and LIVE "intel".

  14. I think you are all wrong. It's not solid "intel" unless you got it straight from your father-in-law who knows someone "really high up" in the military who overheard the receptionist at his dentist's office who was talking to the manager of "a very large and well known bank" about a delivery of a new state of the art bill counter which on NEXT MONDAY will...

  15. Blah blah Dinar blah blah blah Iraq blah blah blah blah RV blah CBI rate blah blah blah di blah blah...

  16. Ladies and Gentleman it is here!!! Finally the news that we all been waiting for....My sister's next door neighbors housekeepers cousin's son's bestfriend daddy's aunt madea said that okie was full of it. Sources are named in every comment listed.

  17. p.s. the dinar revalued the year before last and we should be able to cash in sometime between now and when hell freezes over.

  18. Okie, I do appreciate your information. Just think< you give these kids entertainment. to all of you that cat grow up, if you dont like what information he gives go do your own homework. Be pretty boring if these guys didnt give nothing wouldnt it? Perhaps your too damn lazy to do it yourself, or your mamma spoon fed ya.It isnt a wonder God has not blessed anyone, but I promise ya one thing, if he does, you all wont have it long. A day, a me, you will lose it fster than you can blink your eye, so have a good life.
    ps. one more thing, when this life is over, I promise you I wont see you in Hell. I didnt set and run one of Gods creations down...YOU DID.

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  20. If I had 5 bucks for every failed date and rate prediction from the GETO team, I wouldn't NEED am RV! ;)

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  22. WOW, do you guys not have a life ? God is in full control of "ALL" things !!

  23. so... still no RV. Maybe you dont know what your talking about :/

  24. All hail IQD Guru! Ya dude, you go.

    I'm sorry but I strongly feel 'Okieman' should not be given anymore 'airtime' on any site. I don't think I need to explain this. To say he's deeply worn out his welcome would be an extreme understatement. Perhaps he needs his own site and anyone wishing to still follow his circus can grab a front row seat.

    If he is still going to be allowed to air his '48 hr' drivel on sites that are supposed to be dedicated to helping real investors, then I want IQD Guru's 'intel' available to us on a daily basis right along with it - and anyone else who wants to join in with their 'intel'.

    I mean it, and I mean it for all sites that carry it. I don't think any of us need to be insulted any further in our investment, and in particular, new investors who get caught in his cruel game.

    If the site owners think investors should continue to wade through insulting intel, then let the games begin. Can't wait to read more of IQD Guru's posts.

    Hey, Friday's a full moon - a mere 48 hrs away! Take an empty bag outside and wave it at the moon - Dinars will fall from the sky as they multiply into dollars and fill your bag. Really!

  25. Is OKIE the Galactic Federation channeller....and Nesara Chief Banana...where all that stuff has meant to have happened light years ago, on light beams from the next galaxy. Straight at Malicki s cranium, making him the RV King of the middle East... Maybe Okie is just touring around in his RV, stopping to gas up, and tap out the latest laptop offerings. Go that Recreational Vehicle.

  26. As devil's advocate, may I say that we all want for this to happen yesterday. Obviously we come on here to listen to those who possibly know a wee bit more than we do, or think they do. As an adult I have come to realise that things inlife do not ever stay the same, many things are in a state of flux, which can be influenced by thought and purpose. How many of us after dismissing something as being ridiculous, after listening to an expert orator become swayed to agree with the orator?

    We then put our positive energy into that proposal which can in turn push it to be manifested. Like blowing out many candles on a cake, quciker if many blow at the same time!

    My thoughts about the dinar, whether you agree or not, are that perhaps it has already been announced within Iraq (it has been said that the contracftors are now being paid at a new rate of 3.2 by one source). IF that is true, then just maybe Iraq now has to "deliver the package" of the deal, to those who require it. Maybe the IMF, or UN, or whoever. Who knows? I don't. But maybe, just maybe this is true.

    If so, then it stands to reason, that there will be a delay in announcing the dinar to the rest of the world.

    Remembering of course, that the whole world is in a state of flux at any given time, SWAYED BY THE GENERAL CONSENSUS of people. Remember the 100th monkey syndrome. When the 100th monkey suddenly "gets it" IT WILL HAPPEN.

    By criticising and bashing others, you help to bring disharmony and negativity around yourself and others. By supporting and understanding NONE OF US IS ALWAYS RIGHT, you will be more tolerant and forgiving and help bring this baby home to mama!

    May Love and Light and Power restore the Plan on Earth......Alice Bailey.

  27. ***** OKIE "THE BUFFOON" UPDATE *****

    Here it is 7 months later and almost September this buffoon continues daily to claim his contacts are right.

    The RV will come when a gag order is put on OKIE.